STAAR Review



In class reviews and quizzes from class:


Cells and Classification

 Review Information

Types of Reproduction

Animal and Plant Cells

Vocabulary Quiz

Practice Quiz


Cells and classification tutoring



Symbiotic Relationships


Food Chains

Food Webs


Activities/STAAR Review/Ecosystem review.docx

  Day 3 Ecosystem STAAR practice

Ecosystems STAAR Practice

Day 4 of STAAR practice questions



Weather and Energy


Weather review

How does Density Affect Our Weather

The Atmosphere

What is Weather?

Wind and Ocean Currents

Conduction and Convection

Activities/STAAR Review/Weather.pptx Weather

Energy Transformation


Energy Transformation


Potential or Kinetic Energy: Do You Know the Difference?

Energy Resources

Activities/STAAR Review/energy transformation.pptx Energy Transformation quiz

Potential and Kinetic Energy Week 2



Newtons Laws


Earth and Groundwater

Earth Studies

What is Plate Tectonics?

Earth Vocabulary

Oceanic to Oceanic Convergent

Earth Studies STAAR questions

Earth Tutoring

Earth Tutoring


Force/ Speed/ Work

Force and Motion

Graphing Speed

What Are Forces?

Distance, Time and Speed

  Force tutoring

Review Packet   Mr. Jones and I have worked and put together a packet of information and questions that we are using in class to prepare for the STAAR test. 

Additional Topics for review:

Topic Notes Vocabulary Quizzes
Body Systems Body Systems

The Nervous System

The Musculoskeletal System

The Endocrine System

The Respiratory System

Body System Body System Tutoring
Chemistry Atomic Structure


The Periodic Table

Metals and Nonmetals

Balancing Equations

Elements and Compounds

Space (Moon, Tides, Galaxies, Stars, Seasons) Days, Years and Seasons

Electromagnetic Waves

The Earth, Moon and Sun

Density   Density vocabulary Density Tutoring

Density Tutoring

Cells and Genetics Cells and Genetics    
Physics (Force and Motion) Physics

M a c h i n e s




Practice Questions (these are mini test designed to get your mind thinking)

PowerPoint's of Information

Basics of Science

Cells and Classification Vocabulary

Rocks: More Than Meets the Eye

Earth Processes and Topography


Flashcard Review

Body Systems and Ecosystems

Cells, Levels of Organization, Genetics

Cell Parts

More Cells and Genetics :

Cells and Genetics

General Science

Plate Tectonics

Earth Science

Force and Motion and Simple machines

Rock cycle

Chemistry Mrs. h

Earth Studies

More Earth



Force and Motion Mrs. h



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